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Now coming to the travel sales industry

With the new IATA standard NDC, the airline association IATA has agreed a communication protocol with its partners, which will allow travel agencies and corporate customers to purchase flights in a way that was only previously possible on airline websites.
So all good then? - It is indeed good for the travel sales industry to make use of the latest technological possibilities in an era driven by technology. The increasing variety of distribution methods means that we need to improve the technical aspects of travel sales. In a networked and digital world, modern programme interfaces allow us to offer new means of customer-oriented services.
Bridge-IT and Lucy, Lufthansa City Centers' technical multi-source solutions, lay the groundwork to enable you to make these offers. Bridge-IT and Lucy provides the opportunity to enter the new world of distribution from day one and start setting the course for successful future services.
Read more about the important topic in our Whitepaper "Sell better with NDC" and download for free.